About Amy

Yoga Instructor. Astrologer. Spiritual Guide. Registered Nurse. Reiki Practitioner

I am a down-to-earth yoga teacher and spiritual guide and combine yoga with ancient practices such as aromatherapy, astrology and spiritual awareness to aid you on your journey towards your highest self.
Healing is in my soul. From finding the practise of yoga as a teenager to working as a paediatric nurse, I have a natural empathy and a powerful connection with an inbuilt spirituality that drives a strong urge to enlighten others – like a ‘cosmic mother’ nurturing personal growth.
I have been a qualified yoga instructor for four years but had my own routine practice for close to fifteen years. As well as being a reiki practitioner I am also a qualified astrologer and feel drawn to use these skills more to help people on their life journey. I love giving private, bespoke yoga session’s which I design to meet the needs the individual, or group, needs.

What makes Amy Masters services different?

My personal experience of parenting has given me an insight and understanding into the needs of mothers and babies as they adjust to their new and growing relationship. My insights from my own experience as well as that of being a paediatric and maternity nurse means I have unique skills from which to offer holistic care and attention to new Mums. Regular yoga classes for post-natal mums and new babies cover physical movement for the post-natal body, stretches to relieve aches and pains, baby massage techniques, as well as take home tools to help adjust to changes brought about by motherhood that will help support body and soul. Aside from offering the restorative benefits of yoga, the new mums and bubs sessions offer valuable social interactions between new mums.
I run all-levels hatha yoga sessions in Palmerston North that are designed for all levels, beginner to experienced, to offer a peaceful space for the mind and a stretch and release for the body. I use aromatherapy oils to infuse yoga sessions with extra benefits offers divine invigoration for the senses.
‘A Modern Gal’s Guide to Spirituality’ is a course I have designed for those who want to learn more about spirituality and to learn more about themselves on a deeper level. The course covers a range of modalities including chakras, aromatherapy, astrology, crystals & yoga. The course has become very popular so I am running the course for the third time this year, starting again Tuesday the 28th of August, and I have created ‘A Modern Gal’s Guide to Spirituality: Volume 2’ and am currently creating the third program of the series.
Workshops and retreats are an incredible way to discover a new way to practice self love and to give yourself that holistic nurturing space that I am sure you need. Regular workshops include ‘Cacao Ceremonies’ which offers a deep relaxation & meditation, opening a space for you to reconnect with your intuition and yourself on a soul level. ‘Aromatherapy Yoga’ is a 2 hour workshop that incorporates 8 essential oils into a relaxing and therapeutic yoga session. Here’s what Rosana had to say: “I absolutely loved the aromatherapy and yoga session I attended. Amy guided us on a gentle and peaceful journey on which I felt I rediscovered a part of myself along the way. She is also a wonderful teacher for very beginner level yoga. Thank you Amy.”
I would love to hear from you and be a part of your journey back to self
Love & Light
Amy xxx